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Carpet Cleaning

Androw carpet cleaning service promises to deliver excellent results quickly, with the minimum of fuss and inconvenience.


Using an advanced cleaning system, we will leave the carpet as clean and as dry as possible and guarantee we will not leave any sticky residues.


The aim of carpet cleaning is obviously to remove as much of, if not all, the accumulated dust, grit and general soiling as possible and restore the nap of the carpet. Regular vacuuming is a fundamental part of housekeeping, but more specialised equipment and knowledge are required in order to clean your carpet thoroughly.


The choice of cleaning methods depends on many factors - on the type of carpet, its construction, age and condition, degreee of soiling, its location and the time available for the cleaning to be carried out.


The most common methods are shampooing and hot water extraction (often inaccurately referred to as steam cleaning), which follows a four stage process to produce the best results.


INJECT – Getting enough cleaning solution (and the right cleaning solution) down into the carpet to loosen and suspend the dirt.  


AGITATE –This is an important stage of the cleaning process, making sure dirt and grime is loosened ready for removal. This also helps raise the carpet nap to allow the vacuum a clear path to pull up the dirt and liquid.  


EXTRACT – A powerful vacuuming action is used to remove the all of the suspected dirt and cleaning compounds, leaving your carpet clean, dry and restored. This is essential to effective cleaning as without it, dirt and excessive moisture are left behind.


SPOT CLEANING - to remove stubborn stains, using the right cleaning products.

Prevention - taking proper care and maintaining your carpet clean will save you money and keep your carpet looking as good as new for as long as possible.


A clean carpet is one that is taken care of. Take the time to vacuum often enough and make sure to do it correctly. That means going over the floor in several directions to allow the vacuum to pick up all the debris it can. A high quality vacuum is the best choice. Make sure to keep the bags or containers empty and filters clean as well.


Watch for spills and take care of them quickly to maintain a clean carpet. Just using water on the spill will help most spills. Taking immediate action can help to prevent spills from becoming stains leaving you with a clean carpet.


As much as possible, use the mildest cleaning products available in the market on your carpet. Try to avoid using harsh cleaning products (for example the ones that promise to make your stains disappear), as these often contain bleach and a range of other harsh chemicals. If improperly used they can cause long lasting damage to your carpet.


When using a cleaning product, the trick is "read the label and follow the manufacturer's instruction". Always test a cleaning product first - many of them contain bleach and will remove the dye from your carpet - particularly on wool or wool bend carpets.


Never rub rashly and carelessly at a carpet stain, this may only cause it to smear and become permanent. Also, doing this can weaken the carpet fibres causing your carpet to wear out quicker.


Never use an iron or a hair dryer to dry a carpet stain, this will only seal the stain permanently on your rug.


Have your carpet professionally cleaned when the carpet becomes stained with spills accidents or ingrained dirt.


The best tip of all - the proper use of entrance door mat will help clean off people's shoes. The mat should be cleaned or vacuumed regularly to avoid transferring dirt onto your clean carpet!

Carpet Care Tips